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our values

Our work is deeply rooted in our commitment to the public good. We believe diversity is what makes America a great country, and advocate for the rights of dynamic foreign entrepreneurs to contribute to strengthening the US economy for all. We champion fair-minded, non-discriminatory immigration policies.

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Services at Prewitt Law PC

the challenge

America’s system prevents far too many talented immigrants from fully contributing to our communities. While immigrants found more than a quarter of new businesses in the US, the immigration process is difficult, and can even seem impossible. Current policies largely ignore the contribution of immigrant-launched businesses as integral, dynamic contributors to the US economy.

our solution

Prewitt Law has navigated the legalities of the system both on the US and International fronts. We provide a seamless bridge between you and your business aspirations in the US.

who we serve

We serve ambitious, driven entrepreneurs in a spectrum of industries. Our clients have big ideas; we use the law to expedite those ideas into reality. Business start ups range from real estate development projects to tech start-ups, restaurants, and manufacturing.

What to Expect from Prewitt Law

  • Our objective is to provide the best business immigration law firm services we can.

    We remain easily accessible to you at all times, and arm ourselves
    with the most up to date visa and immigration policy knowledge, in order to expedite your objectives.

  • Prewitt Law services are tiered.

    Choose counsel only for early stages of idea development, or opt for step by step assistance throughout the process of launching your business in the US.

  • Personalized service packages with a human touch

    We pick up our phone, meet you at the gate with your paperwork in hand, and stand beside you when you unlock the door to your new shop on US soil.

We're excited to meet you and understand your business aspirations.

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