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Customized Legal Services for Foreign Startups and Entrepreneurs

Prewitt Law will work with you to design a personalized package of strategic legal counseling services that will support your business goals. Services are tiered to allow customization. Let us strategically guide you through your early stages of idea development, or you can opt for step-by-step assistance throughout the process of launching your business in the United States.

Four-Step Strategic Legal Consultation

Four-Step Strategic Legal Consultation

Every venture is unique.

We work closely with you to determine your scope of work, and customize a plan that will help you to reach your goals efficiently.

Discovery Session

The process starts with a consultation in person or via skype. During this consultation, we get to know you, your personal story, your career, and your goals, with regard to your new venture in the United States.


After gathering the facts, we move to the brainstorming phase. Here, we research the law as it pertains to the specifics of your situation, including immigration and entrepreneur visas and other legal requirements. Then, we develop a well-crafted strategy, exploring, when available, different options to achieve your objectives so you can choose which one you prefer. You can also use the different options as back-up plans should you change your mind about your first choice.

Outcomes and Solutions

Next, we summarize our findings using an outline with an assessment of each option. We discuss pros and cons, risk factors, timeframe for achievement and any other factors pertaining to your case.


Finally, we provide the summary of our findings for your review. After review of the documents, we set up a meeting to discuss our findings, answer your questions, and provide our input regarding which option we believe is the most suitable to achieve your goals.

We're excited to meet you and understand your business aspirations.

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