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Francine Prewitt is a business lawyer with a focus on serving foreign entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand their business in United States

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We understand the challenges associated with establishing a business in the US., and apply that first hand knowledge to help you accomplish your objectives.

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Founder and Owner Francine Prewitt earned dual law degrees in Paris and New York.

She has practiced business law in the US and abroad. Her global education and experience gives her authority and unique insight in providing legal counsel and resources to international clientele. As a foreign born business owner, she understands the challenges associated with navigating the intricate US legal system.

Personalized service is not always available when working with a larger firm. What I am offering is a connection. If you have concerns and need to reach out, we are here, one on one.

francine lobbies for human rights

Francine is also an avid human rights advocate and has lent her services to diverse humanitarian causes. She once worked for the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and assisted in the investigation and prosecution of war criminals. Following that, she was the United Nations policy liaison for a non-governmental organization where she lobbied consulates on human rights issues. and proposed responses to specific humanitarian emergencies.

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Francine is a human rights advocate

Sure, you can get a contract template from online legal companies, but if you are really serious about starting a business, you want a contract to be tailored to your needs, goals and visions. We deliver those essential requirements.

We're excited to meet you and understand your business aspirations.

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